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New bioengineered scaffold may help large deep burn wounds heal faster

A team of UC Davis researchers led by bioengineer Aijun Wang has designed and tested a supportive structure, called a scaffold, that can help large deep burn wounds heal faster. The promising new treatment was found to promote the formation of new blood vessels and reduce complications linked to open burn wounds. It may also reduce the need for skin grafting in patients with significant burns over their body.

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ShiraTronics Announces Landmark Achievement: World’s First Implant of its Innovative Chronic Migraine System

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ShiraTronics, Inc., a trailblazing clinical-stage medical device company, today announced a landmark achievement with the successful implantation of its Chronic Migraine System in the world’s first six patients. This remarkable milestone represents a significant leap forward in neuromodulation, as the company unveils the first-ever fully implantable system for head location utilizing a minimally invasive approach.

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