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Abbott wins CE mark for dual-chamber leadless pacemaker

Abbott (NYSE: ABT)+ announced today that it received CE mark approval for its Aveir dual-chamber (DR) leadless pacemaker system.

Aveir DR, the world’s first dual-chamber leadless pacemaker, treats people with abnormal or slow heart rhythms. It enables a beat-to-beat, wireless communication channel between two leadless pacemakers. One paces the right ventricle (Aveir VR) and the other paces the right atrium (Aveir AR). Each device comes in at roughly one-tenth the size of a traditional pacemaker — smaller than a AAA battery.

The system delivers electrical impulses directly to the heart muscle, restoring the normal heart rhythm. Unlike traditional pacemakers, the leadless devices go directly into the heart through a minimally invasive, catheter-based procedure. This eliminates the need for cardiac leads and a pulse generator under the skin.

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