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Abbott wins FDA nod for world’s smallest rechargeable DBS system with remote programming

Abbott (NYSE: ABT)+ announced today that it received approval from the FDA for the launch of its Liberta RC DBS system

Liberta RC DBS (rechargeable deep brain stimulation) features remote programming for treating people with movement disorders. Abbott says it requires the fewest recharges of any FDA-approved DBS system, needing just 10 recharge sessions a year for most users.

The system is also the first and only rechargeable DBS device compatible with Abbott’s proprietary NeuroSphere virtual clinic. NeuroSphere allows people to communicate with doctors, ensure proper settings and functionality and receive new treatment settings remotely.

This regulatory nod also comes just weeks after Medtronic won FDA approval for what it considers a “game-changing” DBS system. Abbott continues to progress with its own neurostimulation business as well. It won expanded MRI labeling from the FDA for its Proclaim system just a week ago.

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