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Beckman Coulter receives FDA clearance for DxFlex Clinical Flow Cytometer

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, a laboratory automation and innovation company, has received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to distribute its DxFLEX Clinical Flow Cytometer in the United States.

Launched regionally in 2020, this advancement brings the popular benchtop IVD flow cytometry system to American labs while expanding testing capabilities. Offering up to 13-colours additional detectors can be activated as laboratory needs evolve without the need to purchase additional hardware.

Carsten Lange, product manager, said: “This pioneering advancement puts high-complexity flow cytometry testing within reach to more laboratories without added expense. The DxFLEX Clinical Flow Cytometer adds more colours without adding more concerns and enables laboratory staff to have greater confidence in results, while streamlining workflows and reducing manual steps. With more fluorescence parameters, laboratories can get more out of specimens and avoid a tedious compensation process and the burden that places on lab staff.”

Praised for its superior sensitivity and resolution, the compact DxFLEX Flow Cytometer makes multicolour flow cytometry less complex by using avalanche photodiode (APD) detector technology instead of traditional photomultiplier tube (PMT) technology. The use of APD technology simplifies compensation procedures and delivers richer content analysis with higher sensitivity to find dim populations. By comparison, running compensation on a conventional PMT flow cytometer involves significant hands-on time, even when features like auto-compensation setup are available in the software.

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