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FDA approves next-gen intrathecal drug delivery system from Medtronic

Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) announced that the FDA approved its next-generation SynchroMed III intrathecal drug delivery system

The medtech giant designed SynchroMed III to treat patients with chronic pain, cancer pain and severe spasticity. The targeted drug delivery (TDD) system alleviates symptoms by delivering medication directly to the fluid surrounding the spinal cord.

SynchroMed III builds upon the previous SynchroMed II system, featuring a new “refill only” physician workflow. This enables more efficient programming, while improved electronics feature firmware capable of updates post-implant. Additionally, the system has other protections for patient data through enhanced cybersecurity.

Medtronic said its system also carries forward several mid-generation durable design enhancements from the previous generation.

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