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Front Line Medical Technologies announces CE marking for COBRA-OS aortic occlusion device

Approval grants EU providers access to crucial life-saving device, indicative of the company’s global growth and ability to increase emergency and trauma care.

Front Line Medical Technologies Inc, a leader in innovative medical devices for emergency and trauma care, today announced that its COBRA-OS (Control Of Bleeding, Resuscitation, Arterial Occlusion System) has officially been granted CE marking under the new European Medical Device Regulations.

EU medical providers now have full access to the 4 French aortic occlusion device, the first of its kind to be approved through the new MDR system. Already with FDA clearance and Health Canada approval, the COBRA-OS CE is expanding its reach.

“The CE marking of the COBRA-OS is momentous for our company, as it reinforces our dedication to technological excellence and our unwavering commitment to better patient care,” said Dr. Asha Parekh, CEO of Front Line Medical Technologies. “Day in and day out, our pursuit of helping to save as many lives as we can is what drives our entire team, and this regulatory achievement means we are further on our way to accomplishing that goal.”

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