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Medtronic wins CE mark for next-gen Micra leadless pacemakers

Medtronic (NYSE: MDT)+ announced today that it received CE mark approval for its next-generation Micra AV2 and Micra VR2 miniature, leadless pacemakers.

The pacemakers — which Medtronic labels as the world’s smallest — provide longer battery life and easier programming than earlier versions. Micra AV2 and Micra VR2 offer approximately 40% more battery life than previous generations. Medtronic projects battery life of nearly 16 and 17 years, respectively, for the devices.

Still, they deliver the benefits of leadless pacing like reduced complications compared to traditional pacemakers, Medtronic says. According to a news release, more than 80% of patients who receive a Micra may only require one device for life.

Micra devices also offer remote monitoring capabilities, potentially reducing hospitalizations and increasing the patient’s sense of security.

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