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NHS begins rollout of artificial pancreas in ‘world first’ move

“This really is a landmark moment and we’ll be working with the NHS and others to ensure a fair rollout that reaches people as quickly as possible.”

Tens of thousands of children and adults in England living with type 1 diabetes are set to receive an ‘artificial pancreas’ in a world-first initiative rolled out by the NHS. The new device continually monitors a person’s blood glucose, then automatically adjusts the amount of insulin given to them through a pump.

Local NHS systems are starting to identify eligible people living with type 1 diabetes, who health chiefs believe could benefit from the Hybrid Closed Loop system, sometimes known as an artificial pancreas, from April 2, 2024.

There are currently 269,095 people living in England with type 1 diabetes according to the NHS.

The technology will mean some people with type 1 diabetes will no longer need to inject themselves with insulin, but will be able to rely on technology to receive this life saving medication.

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