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Omini receives patent approval for OECT based device

Omini, a medtech company developing the first multiplexed blood testing platform for personalised medicine and chronic disease management, has been given approval by European authorities of a patent for its multi-gate Organic Electro-Chemical Transistor (OECT)-based detection device comprising depolarisation electrode.

Multiplex blood testing systems such as Omini’s are in high demand, driven by the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, the implementation of favourable government initiatives for more efficient management of them and the rising demand for home healthcare.

Omini is developing a ‘point-of-care’ solution that enables multiple categories of blood biomarkers to be tested at the same time, using multiplexing. Like a glucometer, the device is a portable reader combined with single-use test strips which can simultaneously measure four to ten blood biomarkers from a single capillary blood sample, providing readings in less than ten minutes from plug-in. With its portable nature, allowing it to be used in outpatient and at-home care, this device offers a solution to current tensions in the healthcare system and meets the demand for a user-friendly finger-prick system.

Omini holds an exclusive license over EU patent number EP3764092, which was co-authored by co-founder and chief technical officer Anna Shirinskaya at the Ecole Polytechnique. This patent approval is the first step in building a strong Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio for the company. The patent focuses on protecting Omini’s approach to obtaining miniature multiplex sensors that can measure specific combinations of biomarkers from small fluid samples. The company is also awaiting US approval on the patent.

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