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OrthoXel wins FDA clearance for hip fracture nail

OrthoXel announced that it received FDA 510(k) clearance for its Vertex hip fracture nail (HFN) for fracture fixation.

The Cork, Ireland_based company says its nail can enhance patient outcomes while streamlining surgical procedures. Current approaches face speedbumps like instability, limited patient mobility, pain during recovery and more. OrthoXel says its nail combats those challenges head-on with a stable, versatile product.

According to a news release, Vertex’s unique design features interdigitating screws for enhanced screw fixation. The radially fluted nail stem ensures rotational and overall construct stability.

The company says its nail empowers surgeons with unprecedented flexibility in fracture management. Its versatile design offers three proximal construct options to accommodate various fracture types, patient anatomies and intraoperative requirements.

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