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Penumbra launches Lightning Flash 2.0 CAVT technology designed to rapidly remove blood clots

Lightning Flash 2.0 features advanced computer assisted vacuum thrombectomy (CAVT) software, designed for increased efficiency and sensitivity to enhance removal of venous thrombus and treatment of pulmonary emboli (PE)

Penumbra, Inc. has announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance and launch of Lightning Flash 2.0, the next generation computer assisted vacuum thrombectomy (CAVT) system to remove venous thrombus and treat pulmonary emboli (PE). Lightning Flash 2.0 features advanced Lightning Flash algorithms, designed for increased speed and sensitivity to thrombus and blood flow.

Penumbra says the new advancements combined with its novel catheter technology allow physicians to better navigate the body’s complex anatomy and deliver high power for clot removal with possible minimal blood loss.

“Based on what we’ve seen in the initial launch, Lightning Flash 2.0 has significantly improved procedure time by shortening the aspiration time. It has also shown reductions in blood removed during aspiration. These advantages can improve patient safety, provide better outcomes for the patients, and streamline efficiency for physicians treating the patients,” said James F. Benenati, M.D., FSIR, Chief Medical Officer at Penumbra. “As adoption of thrombectomy becomes more widespread, Lightning Flash 2.0 will provide physicians with the confidence that CAVT is a valuable frontline option.”

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