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Starpax Biopharma Never-Before-Seen Magnetodrones™ and PolarTrak® Technology Transform Cancer Treatment

The Starpax technology is addressing a major resistance problem to treatment that chemotherapy and immunotherapy haven’t solved for over a century. Studies have demonstrated that 90% of the volume of a tumor receives little or no drug at all. Drugs or immune cells don’t swim; they need blood vessels to be distributed in a tumor and reach cancer cells, yet blood vessels and lymphatics in a tumor become chaotic, malfunctioning, or collapse. More studies have also demonstrated that as little as 1% of the dose of systemic chemotherapy, such as nanocarriers, antibodies, and precision target drugs, reach a tumor, leaving 99% of the toxic doses free to circulate in the patient’s body, attacking healthy organs and creating unwanted side effects.

The Starpax Magnetodrones™ are the first component of the Starpax Cancer Treatment Platform™. They are living, self-propelled, non-pathogenic bacteria that carry anticancer drugs on their surface and are sensitive to magnetic fields. They are injected directly into a tumor and can swim in tumors without using blood vessels or circulating in the bloodstream.

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