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Women in U.S. Can Now Collect Their Own Sample for Cervical Cancer Screening

The approval allows women to self-collect vaginal specimens for HPV testing in a health care setting, which could include non-traditional locations such as a retail pharmacy or mobile clinic.

HPV is the cause of virtually all cervical cancer, and HPV testing is the preferred screening method by the American Cancer Society in the United States. The BD Onclarity™ HPV Assay is FDA-approved for HPV primary testing without the need for a traditional Pap smear performed with a speculum. This new approval of self-collected samples opens the door to a less invasive testing option, and it improves access to testing for individuals who face barriers to cervical cancer screening.

“Many patients are uncomfortable with the intimate nature of a pelvic exam,” said Dr. Jeff Andrews, board-certified gynecologist and vice president of Global Medical Affairs for Diagnostic Solutions at BD. “Also, many people live in areas without a local doctor or clinician trained to obtain a sample with a speculum. The option to self-collect in a clinical setting can help women overcome some of these barriers.”

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